About Us


HasadOmnnea Company is a harvesting company based in Iraq focused on both manufacture and trade of consumable items. Our vision is to provide our customers with consumable products focused on their health and hygiene, and we ensure that we use only organic raw materials for which we have built international business partnerships with the best suppliers and vendors across the globe. We are also a technology-enabled company and use state of the art technology, equipment, and machinery imported from the best international engineering firms to drive our manufacturing processes to ensure a high level of quality and competence. Our equipment and machinery is operated and maintained by our locally trained staff to encourage a knowledge-based culture in our company and to contribute to the economy of Iraq not only financially but also in terms of HR development. Our processes are driven by R&D (Research and Development), and each product that we manufacture or each ingredient which we import goes through a potent R&D function and months of analysis to perfection. Our main SBUs include production lines for Chips, Soap, Cereals, and Pellets.

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