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    Private Label Dealership License

    This license is designed for well-established businesses who are interested to develop their own brand with their own name. Hasad Omnnea name will not appear on the
    products but rather the client company name instead.

    Dealership License

    This license is designed for well-established dealers who are already working in this industry and are looking to expand their businesses.

    Point of Sales

    This license is designed for shops and businesses which sell to its customers on retail basis.

    Full Time Agent

    This license is designed to hire Agents who are willing to work with us on full time basis. Agents may find a driver with a track or the company will help them to find a track with a driver. The company will pay monthly salaries & commissions to both the Full Time Agent and the Driver, however, there will be a monthly quota.

    Part Time Agent

    This license is designed to those who would like to work at their own leisure time. Regardless if you have a full or part time job, or you are a student, or have a Satoota (TukTuk) and would like to make money on the side, this is your chance to make fixed income every month. Based on your desire to succeed and your energy you will decide when to work and how much money to make. Hasad Omnnea will give you the tools to succeed. Omnnea sells to you at a very aggressive prices and you may sell them to whole sellers or retail customers.

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