Business Opportunities For Every One

Hasad Omnnea has many amazing business opportunities designed for anyone interested to work in the snack industry. Regardless if you have a full or part time job, or if you are unemployed, or a student looking for income, Hasad Omnnea provides you with an opportunity to work at your free time and make money.

Benefits of working Part Time with Hasad Omnnea

  1. Train you online or at its facility on its products and services
  2. Make available several products for you such as: various brands of snack chips, chips with gifts, chips with toys, small and large sizes of chips, Ice Freeze pop and more to come.
  3. Provide you with an App that help you to generate invoices, keep track of your sales and allow your customers. Customers will contact you directly when they want to buy from you.
  4. List your name, business name if any, and contact information on our website to allow new or existing customers contact you easily and effortlessly.
  5. Extend a credit line based on a credit check it will conduct.
  6. Pay you aggressive commissions on a weekly or monthly basis.
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