Private Label

Hasad Omnnea works with well-established entities that are interested to produce their own labels and products. We provide such entities with products, carrying their own bag designs and logos.

Private Label Benefits with Hasad Omnnea

Hasad Omnnea provides a unique opportunity to companies interested to sell its own products under its name and logo. Omnnea will guide you in every step of the way to help you, design your bags, produce your chips and flavors, and have your product ready to the market. The main advantage to you is you can focus on sales and marketing and you leave the technical challenges to us. <br>

Private Label service will also help entities such as hotels, malls, airlines, restaurants, and other private companies to print it’s owns snack bags to promote its services. For example, instead of distributing snack chips that you buy from the local market, we can produce your own low cost healthy and delicious chips with your own name and logo to promote your business

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