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Since the establishment of the companies Group of Hasad Omnnea two decades ago and we have carried the slogan (to build a better tomorrow), we have put this in front of a great responsibility to be part of the process of reviving the national economy and the prosperity of the private sector. The beginning was in Babil and extended to all provinces of Iraq, in addition to the chips industry, Hassad Omnnea Company produces spices and juices in response to the requirements of the Iraqi market and in line with the desire of its customers to provide everything that the Iraqi consumer needs as much as possible and dispense with the need for the importer, and this maximizes the state’s resources and the country’s economy.
These continuous additions are characterized by the highest international standards and specifications and are subjected to inspection in modern laboratories, and to introduce their products and national trends. They have participated in a number of exhibitions, and their pavilion has received attention from the guests, whether they are officials or citizens,especially the exhibitions that were held under the slogan #Made_in_Iraq and participated in campaigns Support for the national product in popularity and spread more throughout our beloved country. .

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We are based on natural raw materials and seek to be the main supplier of snack foods and spices in Iraq and abroad, by increasing our geographical scope to be the first choice for the consumer in the region. Hygiene, health and quality control is the link that combines our products.

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We touch the needs of the Iraqi consumer and take into account his choice and taste, in addition to relying on the best raw materials and the finest types of machines to be the starting point for our team to build a better tomorrow.

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We do not claim idealism, but we are keen to be the nucleus of a national project that secures the needs of the Iraqi consumer to contribute on supporting the national economy by preventing dependence on the importer and providing job opportunities for youth

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Food security may be one of the most prominent of nations’ sustainability and advancement, but rather it is the key to their development and recovery of their countries. Therefore, we are working on investing natural and human resources in an optimal way to realize the hoped goal of achieving national food security.


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Hassad Ommnea companies are part of the Made in Iraq project. They are a nucleus on the road to food security and self-sufficiency. Your high tastes are our capital in this national project.