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Available jobs

To ensure the achievement of the goals of excellence and competition in the labor market between companies and organizations, which is done by talking face to face with customers, or through means of communication such as phones or through social media, by following solid promotional and marketing foundations to deliver products to consumers in the best way, in terms of quality Reasonable price and on time.

Requirements for a sales representative

  • the Truthfulness and honesty.
  • Promptitude.
  • Ability to promote and market.
  • Enjoy computer skills and modern technology methods.
  • Persuasion: The salesperson has to convince customers that his company’s products are the best.
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to smile all the time, regardless of his psychological conditions.
  • To be an excellent speaker.
  • Tact in dealing with others.
  • ability to listen.
  • Flexibility in dealing with and solving problems.
  • Able to work under pressure: This is due to the nature of this job that is not limited to a specific time.
  • To be characterized by accounting and financial capabilities.
  • The ability to memorize and absorb.
  • Possession of high leadership skills.

Duties and Responsibilities of Hassad Umniah Sales Representative

  • Reaching all customers at the specified times periodically and regularly.
  • Presenting goods and services appropriately to customers, and encouraging them to accept them.
  • Achieving high profits and sales for the company in which he works, and achieving the desired goal if he can.
  • Receiving customer orders, and delivering them, through delivery or shipping methods.
  • Concluding sales agreements with customers, setting prices and quantities.
  • Listen to customer complaints, and handle matters.
  • Full knowledge of competing products in the labor market, and the requirements of the local community.
  • Ending the sales deal with the customer and issuing an official invoice to document the sales process, in order to preserve the right of the delegate and the customer.
  • Develop future plans and goals for the promotion and marketing process.
  • Product knowledge: Full knowledge of the product you are offering is an important skill that a salesperson must possess..
  • Loyalty to the organization or company he works for.
  • Ability to manage customer relations, and transfer information about customer requirements to his/her line manager.

He is responsible for carrying out cleaning and disinfection activities for equipment and devices, performing minor repairs, as well as examining control panels and electrical wires to identify problems. The job requires the physical ability to perform some tasks that require physical effort, as well as the ability to monitor minute details and find appropriate solutions to various problems and adhere to the application of occupational health and safety procedures.

Functional tasks

  • Carry out preliminary procedures for maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of equipment.
  • Carry out minor repairs to various equipment, devices and tools.
  • Check control panels and electrical wiring for problems.
  • Supplying and installing various devices and equipment.
  • Arranging and cleaning the workplace after maintenance.
  • Performing maintenance tasks on machines and equipment.
  • Inspect and troubleshoot equipment and systems such as ventilation.
  • Inspect functions of safety systems such as fire alarm.
  • Collaborate with workers and other professionals during renovations.
  • Carry out preventive maintenance of equipment according to the work plan
  • Prepare and send reports to maintenance manager and report problems.

Qualifications and experience

  • Have at least a high school diploma
  • Vocational training is preferred.
  • Practical experience in a maintenance technician position


  • Proficiency in maintenance skills for the machines in the lab and others.
  • Ability to handle a variety of hand tools.
  • Good understanding and ability to read technical manuals and graphics.
  • Good communication skills and dealing with different personalities.
  • Physical endurance to perform various tasks .
  • The ability to carry out the tasks required of him consciously and efficiently.

The quality controller is obligated to check the company’s products to ensure that they always conform to the required specifications. This inspection process may be for the final stage of production, or it can take place in a number of stages and ensure that the product passes through each stage successfully.
In the event that the quality control monitor detects a problem, he must research, find out the reasons and suggest solutions, and he is also obligated to prepare a detailed report on all defects related to the products.

Job Duties of the Quality Controller Profession:

  • Examine the product and ensure that it meets the required standards.
  • Develop plans and methods for testing products to ensure their quality.
  • Previewing problems and errors in products, knowing the causes, and trying to find solutions.
  • Send reports of all problems encountered by the products to the direct administrator.
  • Preparing recommendations for training programs required for workers who reduce product quality.
  • Send suggestions that will raise the quality level of the products.
  • Work in a way that helps improve and raise the quality of production.

This function is involved in managing and operating the equipment and devices necessary to perform chemical analyzes. He is part of a team working in the chemical laboratory that checks the quality of raw materials, and they also perform functions in the areas of environmental quality control and the operational stages of the plant..

Functional tasks.

  • Conduct research to develop manufacturing processes.
  • Develop safety procedures for workers with chemicals.
  • Ensure that controlled chemical processes are used.
  • Design and supply the appropriate equipment and tools.
  • Conduct tests and monitor the performance of operations at all stages of production.
  • Troubleshoot problems with manufacturing processes.
  • Evaluate equipment and processes to ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.
  • Estimating production costs and sending periodic reports to management.
  • Assisting the CEO with all required tasks.
  • Follow-up and implementation of the production plan received from the planning department.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Proficiency in research and proposal making skills.
  • Ability to apply new technologies.
  • Proficiency in analyzing skills and improving production lines.
  • Guidance and application of occupational health and safety rules
  • Ability to communicate with different personalities and cooperate with the work team.
  • Possess project management skills and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Understand business processes in industrial sectors.

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