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the health And safety

  • One of the tasks undertaken by the management of the companies group of Hassad Omnnea is the health and preventive aspect, as it obliges all workers to wear a healthy head covering and mask, as well as obligating them to wear a uniform to work.
  • Concerning the work machines, they were selected from solid and well-known international factories at an expensive cost to ensure the production of foodstuffs with high-end specifications worthy of the Iraqi consumer.
  • Being keen on the health and safety of the consumer obliges us to manufacture food products for a large segment of them that take into account their health status, such as people with blood pressure and diabetes. This is one of the tasks that the work team is dedicated to providing in an ideal and healthy manner.
  • All of this is achieved with what we are keen to rely on from natural materials rich in vitamins, protein, fiber, calcium and other natural materials that can build the human body and take into account its health and safety.